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About This Site

Questions about RSS feeds?

If you click on an RSS feed link and see a page of XML, you may need to install a feed reader. Certain browsers, such as Chrome, don't parse the RSS feed in the same way that others (such as Firefox) do. We recommend that Chrome users install a feed reader, whether through their email client or a browser extension (such as Feedly or Feed Reader) to parse the feed. To subscribe to a feed, add the URL of the RSS feed to your reader.

Known Defects and Resolutions

As we become aware of technical or functional issues with this website, we work hard to resolve them quickly. Here you will find a list of issues we are aware of and are either working to address or have been resolved.  We always want to know if something is not functioning properly so drop us a line here if you wish to report a problem. 

Issue Description  Fix Status

Upgrade Community Platform


Community platform upgrade to fix time zone bug in calendar.

Details >

Upgrade planned for 4/17/2018



We are continuing to refine and improve the search experience on the site. We will be adding the ability to sort search results by date as well as relevance. 


Service Status Updates

Changing caching settings to help updates push through more quickly.

Target: end of March 2018

Service Status Updates 

The Service Status page showed the "last updated" time to appear an hour earlier than it is. This was due to the shift to U.S. Daylight Savings Time and a gap in our code logic to account for this. The 'last updated' date/time is updating as designed with each edit to the page but incorrectly showed an hour earlier. A fix was released 4/10/2018. 

Fixed 4/10/2018 

Service Status Updates 

Investigating more robust solutions for pushing Service Status updates.


Directory User Search

Added full client list and TNEW client list as downloadable PDFs.

Client lists added November 2017

Directory User Search

Workaround: If you know someone at the organization in question, you can look them up in the directory, then click on the organization name in their profile to see a list of users there. Here is an example of the link format, using the example of Florida Studio Theatre.


Directory User Search

Long term: We will be upgrading the directory search to include filters such as organization, title, region, etc.


Filters for videos, TLCC presentations, and other tiled pages 

We are working to add filters to these pages to make it easier to find the resource that you need.


Home page  

We are planning improvements to the home page to surface more content that logged-in users will find relevant and timely.


Cannot see user's organization name in the forums

We added this functionality to the forums and are looking to add the organization name to the email notifications as well.  

Fixed December 2017 

UI improvements 

Ongoing improvements to the user interface. 


Make the Most of the New Website

We've added numerous new features and functionality to this site. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of it, we wanted to share some tips and tricks:

bookmark icon   Bookmark pages throughout the site for future reading or quick reference — just click the bookmark icon at the top of your screen 
light bulb icon   View inspiring success stories from peer organizations 
Message   See your notifications from groups and forums 
gear-icon  Control which web and email notifications you receive by clicking on the Notifications tab under My Settings
video-camera   View recent videos and the latest learning resources
file   Access documentation by product
two people    Direct message with other users 

When viewing your notifications, you can easily mark them as read by hovering until you see the "mark as read" checkmark.  

Screenshot of Notifications

Finally, we recommend taking a look at your bookmarks to see if any of them need updating to new URLs.

Questions? Please feel free to get in touch.