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Innovating Experiences | July 15-19, 2018 | Orlando, Florida

2018 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

Over 1,850 Tessitura users were in Orlando experiencing the uniqueness of TLCC.

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Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

Thank you for joining us!

Over 1,850 Tessitura community members experienced the magic of TLCC in Orlando. Only TLCC brings together arts and cultural professionals at every level to immerse themselves for 5 days in ticketing, marketing, fundraising, IT, education, and more.

Revisit TLCC2018 at #tlcc2018, check out photos, and come back for the Conference Archive after August 15th.

Get Ready for TLCC2019

TLCC2019 will be held in Chicago, Illinois.
We look forward to seeing you July 28-August 1, 2019.

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TLCC2018 Highlights

Where else will you find ballets sharing ideas with museums, or operas co-presenting with theatres? Arts and cultural professionals are immersing themselves for 5 days in ticketing, marketing, fundraising, IT, education, and more. Follow along at #tlcc2018. General Sessions posted daily.

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Today We Made History

Don Youngberg, Vice President of Community, reflects on the meaning of “history” as it might apply to those who work in the business of arts and culture.

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Don Youngberg on stage at TLCC2018
Claire Spencer on stage at TLCC2018

Stepping into the Void: A Courageous Collaboration

Claire Spencer addresses the topic of mental health among performing arts workers in this powerful talk, presented live as part of Tessitura's Innovator Series.

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Does the Lookalike Segment Make All Audiences Look Alike?

Has traditional marketing kept bringing in homogeneous audiences? And what can we do about it? Tory Bailey shows that even small steps can help engage new audiences.

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Tory Bailey on stage at TLCC2018
Torrie Allen on stage at TLCC2018
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Arts Administration as Transformative Creativity

In this galvanizing talk, presented as part of Tessitura's Innovator Series, Torrie Allen proposes that by adopting a creative mindset, arts administrators can find fresh approaches to their work.

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Keynote Session

Crossing Barriers to Innovate Experiences in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality: Sarah Ellis, Royal Shakespeare Company; Luke Ritchie, Philharmonia Orchestra; and Matthew Tarr, American Museum of Natural History, take the stage at TLCC2018 to discuss the new wave of immersive experiences.

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The three keynote speakers on stage at TLCC
Andrew Recinos on stage at TLCC2018
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Connecting the Dots

What does the world need right now? And what does the world need that you are really good at? More importantly, how do the answers to those questions help you in your day-to-day life and work? In this inspiring talk, Tessitura Network President Andrew Recinos explores the answers that he's found in his visits with cultural organizations around the world.

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Technology Address

In the 20 years that Tessitura has been a company, the world has seen the advent of a new era that has left no industry untouched. And in those same 20 years, one pressing question has been a constant: How will you keep up? How will you leverage the potential of this continually developing technology? Chuck Reif and Kristin Darrow talk about the future of Tessitura technology.

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Kristin Darrow and Chuck Reif on stage at TLCC2018
Jack Rubin at TLCC2018
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The Importance of Leadership

What is management? What is leadership? Jack Rubin explores the difference between the management of resources and people, and leadership that seizes opportunities to create positive change.

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