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Engage Your Customers On Any Platform

Powerful, easy-to-use solutions for online and mobile transactions and engagement

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Flexible web approach allows your brand to shine

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    You have complete control over your website and branding on desktop, tablet, and mobile

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    Tessitura offers a cloud-based service for integrated, responsive transactions and engagement for web and mobile

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    Utilize the industry’s most flexible API to enable seamless interaction between your Tessitura system and your website for transactions, feeds, information gathering, and more

“We've been able to create a ticketing workflow that has been fantastic in converting our sales and increasing our online use. And I think we wouldn't have been able to do it with any system other than Tessitura.”


Matthew Briney, Vice President, New Media
George Washington's Mount Vernon

TN Express Web (TNEW)

TN Express Web™ (TNEW) allows you to leverage your Tessitura system and the web with minimal cost, time, and overhead.

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    Flexible, secure hosted web purchase path

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    Fully integrated with your Tessitura database

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    Seamlessly unified with your brand

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    Affordable pricing structure and continuous functionality updates

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What can you do with TNEW?

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Comprehensive transactions in a unified cart

Sell tickets, admissions, gift certificates, class registrations, memberships, donations, and more.


Increase revenue with targeted upsells

Upsell related programs, parking, merchandise, dining, memberships, donations, and more.


Apply membership benefits

Verify and apply membership benefits instantly, even during the initial membership transaction.


Sell more online

Offer packages, flexible bundles, merchandise, add-on items, select-your-own seat, and more — all in a single transaction.


Easy Google Analytics integration

Integrate your site with Google Analytics to track and understand the entire customer journey.


Sell with confidence

Tessitura and TNEW can handle your heaviest on-sales and highest traffic days with ease.

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Honor promo offers, special discounts & more

Honor promotional discounts, offer discount bundles, and extend pre-sale offers and special access to members, subscribers, and other VIPs.

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Innovate on the TNEW platform

Use TNEW out-of-the-box or as a springboard for custom web development to further enhance and extend the customer experience.

Extend TNEW with Plug-ins

Our specialized Plug-ins help you bring even more of Tessitura's functionality to the web. Unlike one-off customizations, our Plug-ins bring together industry best practices to accomplish the shared needs of Tessitura users. We support these Plug-ins over time as the core Tessitura platform evolves. From automated donation asks to online membership benefits tracking, from special seat notifications to contribution payment plans, our Plug-ins can help you do even more with TNEW.

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“Using TNEW has been important because we’ve been able to be creative and to represent our brand properly. Crucially, we’ve been able to do it in a really cost-effective way as well.”


Jo Gordon
Chief Executive, Royal & Derngate

Ecosystem Partners

The Tessitura Preferred Providers Ecosystem is comprised of trusted third parties that provide services of value to the Tessitura community and extend the Network’s reach. Whether you're interested in hiring a web design firm who's familiar with TNEW, or you're seeking to customize your approach to the web, we can help connect you with the right partner for your project.

The most flexible API in the industry

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Included at no additional cost

Access to Tessitura's robust, flexible, two-way API is included with your Tessitura license.


Flexible web options

Use the Tessitura API to design a completely custom web approach--or customize specific aspects of the customer experience while using out-of-the-box capabilities for others.


Your integration toolkit

Employ the API on your website to display data from Tessitura, such as featured events, exhibition details, and more.


Increase your revenue

As always with Tessitura, we do not charge online fees to your customers, and you keep 100% of any fees you choose to charge.

A suite of apps with TN Mobile Plus

TN Mobile Plus™ seamlessly integrates your Tessitura ticketing system with a suite of mobile apps to engage patrons. Full integration means that you enter event data only once in Tessitura, and your mobile app is always in sync with your website and your marketing plan.

TNMP screenshots from Seattle Symphony and Autumn Ridge Performing Arts Center
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    Branded and configured just for you

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    Easy to set up and integrated with your Tessitura system

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    Transactions, communication, engagement, and ticket wallet that works on all devices

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    Affordable and hassle-free

What can you do with TNMP?

Connect with your customers anywhere they go.

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Enhance the Customer Experience

Offer program notes and exhibition tours right in the mobile app. Live-stream events, talks, and performances to any device.


Honor Special Offers

Send special offers and messages directly to your patrons' mobile devices, and honor Tessitura-enabled promo codes.


Increase Social Engagement

Encourage social sharing and engagement with targeted content in advance of events or while patrons and visitors are on site.


Location Based Messaging

Geo-fencing capabilities let you message your customers based on their location near on in your facility.


Mobile Wallet

Allow customers to keep their tickets and membership cards right on their mobile devices.

“Launching the app was a really exciting thing that people, from our patrons to our board, are very excited about. In just a month, we have close to 1,000 downloads.”


Travis Hancock, Web Manager & Content Coordinator
Honolulu Museum of Art

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