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Ticketing & Admissions

Robust Ticketing Features

Tessitura offers the flexibility that arts & cultural organizations need

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Safe in-person, virtual, and hybrid events

Meet the demands of continually changing times

A handheld scanner pointed at a mobile phone displaying a digital ticket
  • multiple-devices-icon

    Mobile-responsive online sales

  • credit-card

    Touchless payment devices

  • Doc-Check

    Print-at-home and mobile tickets

  • scanner-icon

    Contactless scanning

  • checkmark-icon

    Redeem gift certificates online

  • kiosk icon

    Integrated kiosks

  • ticket

    Virtual experience ticketing

“Tessitura helped us just successfully complete our first outdoor two-week run on our newly constructed Terrace Stage! Your support team was instrumental in helping us ramp up the needed technology for a new house map, touchless scanning, select-your-own seat, and numerous other details. Bravo!”


Gary Keehner
Finance & Human Resources Director
Asolo Repertory Theatre

Easily ticket virtual experiences

Sell the digital content you want, the way that you want to.

  • checkmark-icon

    Offer a digital content page for each product, available right when a customer logs into their account

  • clock-icon

    Online waiting rooms help manage traffic

  • Icon of a chart

    Grow your revenue with dynamic pricing

  • heart-icon

    Honor member or VIP benefits with free or discounted access

  • receipt

    Apply gift certificates or on-account funds from past cancelled events

  • lock-icon

    Restrict content access by customer location, if needed for tax purposes or region-based restrictions

Learn more about virtual experiences in Tessitura
Screenshot showing a $20 ticket purchase for a Houston Symphony Orchestra virtual concert, "Live from Jones Hall: American Strings from Folk to Film"

Flexible Sales Interface

Tessitura makes it easy to sell tickets and admissions. Within an order, you can search, view, and add or remove products; view and update constituent info; see details such as fees or items within a package; and add on memberships or contributions.


Lightning-fast transactions

The QuickSale graphical interface, optimized for touch screens, powers efficient transactions at the admissions desk or the box office.

Tessitura Screenshot
Screenshot of the cart in QuickSale
shopping cart

Sophisticated shopping cart

Expanded controls allow for processing more complex transactions such as exchanges and group sales, plus access to seat maps for assigned seating events. Navigate seamlessly between the interfaces at any point.


Unified inventory

All sales pull from unified ticket inventory and are fully integrated with tablet, kiosk, and online sales channels.

online seating capacity
Science Museum Group upsell
piggy bank

Discounts and more made easy

Easily apply discounts, gift certificates, and on-account funds for both in-person and virtual events.

tablet icon

Tablet sales

Take transactions out from behind the desk with the Tessitura Roving Box Office (TRBO) tablet application.


Online & Mobile Made Easy

Connect with your customers anywhere they go.

groundlings online class registrations
  • checkmark-icon

    Flexible, easy-to-implement transaction paths with TN Express Web and integrated mobile apps

  • checkmark-icon

    Customers can purchase single tickets, multiple-venue and multiple-price type subscription packages, merchandise, and more

  • checkmark-icon

    A single order can include tickets, donations, memberships, and/or gift certificates

  • checkmark-icon

    Let customers transact and engage with you in advance and onsite, with mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites — all branded just for you

Learn more about online & mobile solutions

“We've been able to create a ticketing workflow that has been fantastic in converting our sales and increasing our online use. And I think we wouldn't have been able to do it with any system other than Tessitura.”


Matthew Briney, Vice President, New Media
George Washington's Mount Vernon

General & Timed Admission

Efficiently sell tickets for daily admission, special exhibits, and more.

Mount Vernon timed admission
  • seatmap

    All sales pull from unified ticket inventory and are fully integrated with all channels. View capacity and remaining inventory right in the order.

  • alarm clock

    For timed admission, set up capacity blocks by start time, and set an entry window during which a timed ticket can be scanned

  • calendar-icon

    For general admission, sell in advance for a specific date or time window, and sell both current and advance tickets at the door

  • gear-icon

    Flexible setup options let you easily set the capacity for facilities, events, and time blocks

Seated & Capacity-Controlled Ticketing

Tessitura offers multiple options and fine controls to configure your seated and capacity-controlled venues.

Ford's Theatre seating
  • checkmark-icon

    You control your venue and seat map setup, with no limits on the number of maps you can create, and you define capacity, sections, row and seat number values, and screen labels.

  • checkmark-icon

    Map out how the best seating function will assign seats, and create multiple best seat maps for the same venue

  • checkmark-icon

    Set aside inventory that can only be accessed by customers with a particular rank value or who provide a particular promo code

  • checkmark-icon

    Create an unlimited number of hold codes for internal inventory control based on your users’ security rights

“We operate in all blackbox theaters. We have different seating configurations for every single production, and we have highly flexible subscription packages. Our prior source provider was simply not able to accommodate that degree of flexibility. Now, we can do whatever we want.”


Gabe Mangiante, Director of Information Services
Signature Theatre

Packages & Bundles

Tessitura makes it easy to create, manage, renew, and upgrade many different types of packages and bundles.

  • minimize

    Comprehensive package options for plan-your-day, lecture or film series, concerts, special events, and more

  • minimize

    Choose-your-own packages for combo ticket deals or product samplers

  • minimize

    Flexible bundles that automatically apply a discount based on the number of different products in the cart

  • minimize

    Packages can include items such as parking, dining, and audio guides, and can bundle multiple sessions of classes or camps

  • minimize

    Print a composite ticket for packages with a single barcode that can be scanned for entry to any of the components

plan your day screenshot

“The Melbourne Festival offers two types of packages that at one time were complicated to sell. Now, Tessitura’s pricing rules make these packages easy to sell through any channel.”


David Geoffrey Hall, Head of Marketing
Melbourne Festival

Subscriptions & Renewals

Keep your subscribers and your staff happy with powerful and flexible subscription renewal tools.

Signature Theatre - screenshot of page about subscriptions
  • checkmark-icon

    Renewable seated subscriptions in single or multiple venues

  • checkmark-icon

    Assign the same seats for every performance or combine assigned seats with general admission events

  • checkmark-icon

    Calculate suggested contributions to include in your renewal notices, and let subscribers renew efficiently through any channel

  • checkmark-icon

    Offer full season packages, peel-off packages, or choose-your-own packages

  • checkmark-icon

    Flexible bundles automatically apply a discount based on the number of performances selected

  • checkmark-icon

    Payment plans make it easier for your customers to plan their investment in your programming

  • checkmark-icon

    Automatically release unrenewed seats on your timeline, or release them one by one as needed

Group Sales

From tour groups to school groups, Tessitura has purpose-built tools to help you manage these complex orders and important relationships.

  • people-icon

    Capture the complete picture of all constituents involved in a group order, both individuals and organizations

  • grid

    Adjust the number of tickets in an order as needed with just a few clicks

  • card-icon

    Flexible options allow your group sales staff to save orders with only a deposit, set up payment plans, and more

  • receipt

    Pricing rules let you automate discounts based on criteria you choose

  • barcode icon

    Streamline group check-in: scan a single barcode for the whole order, then enter the number of tickets being used

ford's theatre group sales

“We launched a group purchase pathway on our website. It's a step-by-step process where they tell us who they are, what date they want to visit, how many adults and kids they have. They choose a package and make their own reservation. The teachers definitely like the convenience of it.”


Tony Palombi, Assistant Director, Constituent Services
John G. Shedd Aquarium

Education & Class Registrations

Ensure smooth sales through all channels and track the relationships that are so important to your education programs.

Learn more about education features

Sell classes

Sell classes, workshops, and other sessions individually or in series, and offer bundles


Seamless on-sales

Tessitura can handle heavy on-sales, even during peak registration times


Collect the info you need

Incorporate forms or collect student data as part of the registration process

“With our camp on-sale on Tessitura, the website never crashed, and it captured more information than we had ever been able to capture before. It made our patrons really happy.”


Christina Dresser, Education Database & Content Manager
Alliance Theatre

Add-On Items

Tessitura allows you to sell any number of additional items, including:

  • bell-icon


  • cup


  • glass

    Beverages and Concessesions

  • menu

    Restaurant Reservations

  • headphones

    Audio Guides

  • building-icon

    Tours and Enhancement Activities

Add-on items

Dynamic Pricing

What can you do?

Increase Revenue

Review the overall performance of past shows to determine whether pricing for the current inventory is on target

Easy to configure

Review the actual paid yield for past performances to inform your pricing decisions.

Included with Tessitura

Analyze the popularity of specific seating locations for past performances to inform current and future pricing decisions

Dynamic Pricing

Change Pricing

Change pricing at any time in response to changing demand.


Set up timed schedules for anticipated pricing changes or make changes on the fly

Break Out Increases

Isolate price increases to break out and analyze the incremental revenue

Flexible Pricing Options

Price Zone Maps

Build your own price zone maps for easy scaling of ticket prices


Manage and report on discounts driven by promotion codes

Editable Prices

Make some prices editable, setting a default price and a minimum price, so your operators with proper security rights can change prices on demand

Yield Management

Re-zone Seats

Re-zone seats to a higher-or lower-priced zone in response to demand

Hold Back Seats

Hold back seats to sell at a later time for a premium price

Hot Seat Index

See and analyze which seats in your venue have the potential to generate the most revenue using a graphical hot seat index

“Tessitura has improved the way we do business in multiple ways. It has allowed us to be much more flexible with our pricing. In our first year alone, we were able to bring in almost $140,000 in incremental revenue on tickets.”


Jennifer Buzzell, Director of Marketing & Sales
Signature Theatre

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