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Build lifelong relationships

Gain individualized insight on every customer touchpoint and transaction

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The tools you need to focus on your customers

Tessitura's sophisticated CRM allows you to see each interaction — across every area of your business, and at each point in the customer’s journey with you. Through each patron's centralized record, you can capture and analyze data across all areas of your organization.

One Customer Record

From purchases and donations to interests and communications, everything is held in a person's customer record, providing a 360-degree picture of that person’s relationship with your entire organization.

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    Ticket sellers will immediately recognise a significant donor

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    Fundraising staff will see recent and upcoming performances for each prospect

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    Front of house staff will recognise VIPs and welcome them appropriately

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    Admissions staff can access membership information and renew lapsed members on the spot

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    Marketing staff can segment contacts to maximise communications effectiveness

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    Education staff can see the connections between schools, teachers, and students; see details about each member of a family; and more

“The thing that drove us to Tessitura to begin with is the integration of the entire organization. The analysis and the analytics that can be done through the combined database of donors and patrons has been incredible for us.”


Gary Keehner, Finance & Human Resources Director
Asolo Repertory Theatre

Customer Relationships & Networks Are Readily Recognizable

Harness the power of your customers as advocates for your enterprise. Track relationships — households, families, business relationships, or social networks — to understand purchase and attendance histories, recognize key connections, and highlight opportunities.

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    Link spouses through a household record to allow joint recognition of contribution and membership histories

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    Connect co-subscribers to the primary subscription booker to build complete attendance records

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    Track employment by linking employees to employer accounts, with role and dates of tenure recorded

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    Link teachers to their schools — current and past

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    Identify board members or other key individuals and the nature of their connection to your organisation


“I’ve been on a half dozen ticketing systems and by far, Tessitura is the best one because it’s not just a ticketing piece — it’s the entire CRM model.”


Sean Wright, Executive Director
The Grand

Encourage Collaboration & Understanding Across Departments

Implementing Tessitura is more than a technology upgrade. It's frequently a catalyst for cultural change, enabling teams to work together on long term customer goals that span departments, products, and seasons.

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    Make decisions based on the whole customer, not just the interaction with a single department

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    Barriers to customer interaction are removed, the customer experience optimized and streamlined through a common data source across channels

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    Customer pathways can be mapped using data from across the organisation

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    Break down internal silos. Numerous organizations have found that Tessitura brings teams and departments together.

"It's brought the teams together so much. We wanted one integrated system, but we’ve actually got one integrated team now."


Laura Wakelin
Director of Communications & Marketing
Black Country Living Museum

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