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Making donations faster and easier

How we created One-Page Giving

Paul K.

Paul KappelBusiness Analyst, Tessitura Network

TitleMaking donations faster and easier


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I don’t know about you, but I can never remember a password.

Every time I have to click a Forgot Password link, the less likely I am to complete my transaction.

We heard from you that your donors were reporting this experience consistently as well. How could we solve this challenge and remove all the barriers to the process of making a gift?

By removing the password.

And so we developed One-Page Giving for TN Express Web.

A mobile phone showing 'Donate to Shakespeare's Globe' with buttons to select a donation amountOne of the challenges of making a quick donation is that you want to minimize the amount of information collected, especially on mobile. And nearly a third of all TNEW transactions now originate on mobile. Sure, we could just collect an email address, amount, and credit card number and have a transaction, but that would mean missing the very core of what Tessitura means to your organization.

Your donors are not strangers, and during these times as revenue is tight not just for organizations but for many families and individuals as well. In addition, it’s now more important than ever to thank and recognize donors. Because of that, we knew that One-Page Giving could not be anonymous. So we used that email address to connect a donation with an existing constituent in your database.

Donations that are fast and easy for a donor are a tremendous feature on their own. But efficiency is critical on the other side as well: One-Page Giving needed to be fast and easy for you and your team to set up.

One setting

It only takes enabling one property in the TNEW Administration Site for most organizations to go live with One-Page Giving. Our feature leverages your existing TNEW template, payment processing setup, contribution configuration, and internal processes to go live with only one setting.


The Tessitura Network product team is committed to evaluating the success of our features by evaluating not only their use by our members, but also by your members — your constituents. So how is One-Page Giving doing after the first two months?

  • 178 of our members, or nearly 45% of those that can use One-Page Giving, are now using it on their sites.
  • For those 178 member organizations:
    • More than 14,000 contributions have been made.
    • Over half of a million dollars has been raised.
    • The average contribution made using One-Page Giving is 38% higher than contributions using the full purchase path.

But critically, is it fast and easy?

The average length of time to complete a donation decreased by over 60% for contributions made using One-Page Giving.

One-Page Giving has shortened the average time to complete a donation by over 60%.

Where do we go from here?

As a product team, we are constantly listening to feedback from our members. We love hearing your success stories about using One-Page Giving and other features. I personally have been overwhelmed by the creative innovations from across the community, from micro-donation crowdfunding campaigns, to group ticket sales payments, and digital content with an optional donation, your success is this feature’s success.

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If you are interested in using One-Page Giving or TNEW, have a story to share, or enhancement to request, please reach out to us at hello@tesssituranetwork.com.


Top photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels


Paul K.

Paul Kappel

Business Analyst

Tessitura Network

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